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Yes, but oddly compelling. The video pretty much mirrors the game play, except you're probably not yelling "Objection!", "Hold it!", or "Take that!" while watching it. :)

Kevin Cheng

best game evar. and the humor is so cheesy but so good. all the stereotype characters, too.

right, wright?


"Stop that blip-blip-blipping when you're badmouthing me"? Uh. Wow. Wow.

Kevin Cheng

jason, you'd understand that if you played it. that's actually one of the best lines of that ad.


Oh, indeed, it was one of my favorite lines, absolutely.

Adam Keys

I watched about two minutes of this , but I don't get what the gameplay is like.  Do you just yell at your DS?

Kevin Cheng

it's a problem solving game. there's two parts. one is in court and the other between court sessions. in each you try to prove your client's innocence by finding discrepancies and presenting evidence. you actually don't HAVE to talk to it but you can choose to say "objection", etc. it's an awesome game ... hard to explain w/o trying it though.


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